Tests are carried out at the development laboratory of FÉMALK Zrt., which is equipped with an INSTRON tensile testing unit (250kN), a rig-framed SCHENCK pulsator with a capacity of +-8kN and a freely adjustable IST pulsator equipped with with work cylinders, with a capacity of 27kN - 65kN. Hereby we can also carry out the two-component fatigue tests common in the automotive industry.

To determine the porosity of the casting we use an OLYMPUS microscope with 3D table movement, which can automatically evaluate the desired cross-section according to various standards.

We use a SPEKTROLAB spectrometer for testing material composition, but can also carry out hardness and crack tests.

Our cleanliness testing room is equipped with a HYDAC cleaning unit and its accessories, which allows us to continuously monitor within our plant the required cleanliness parameters and conduct experiments to identify the optimal cleaning parameters for serial production.

For vibrational and natural frequency tests our engineers can rely on accelerometers, impulse hammers, and the necessary amplifier and signal processing systems.