Product development

During our projects we create the model of the product in the 3D design system specified by the client, which we optimise through multiple iterations, using strength-, natural frequency-, and lifecycle calculations. On the basis of the complete geometry the technology and the tool design department design the ingate system, which we check using a filling simulation that allows us detect various flaws – porosity, cavities, air pockets, and correct those efficiently and in time.

The responsibility for product development entrusted to us by our clients requires our engineers to be familiar not only with virtual and simulation spaces, but also with the actual product and its final properties: dimensional tolerances, strength properties, producibility, and testing.

Our engineers accompany and support the project in collaboration with the engineers and product managers of the TIER I suppliers or directly of the car manufacturers, from the prototype phase until the launch of serial production.

We are proud that after years of working relationships our clients turn to us on a daily basis to request our professional advice and opinion in connection with their current issues.

Our CAD software products:

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