The main activity of FÉMALK Zrt. is aluminium die casting. This is a special form of casting, in which the molten metal is injected by a piston with great speed into a reusable mould, which is often of a complex form, with moving cores. This process allows us to cast highly complex products with stable dimensions.

Our Company currently possesses over 42 die casting machines at two sites, with sizes ranging from 250 - 1000 tonnes of clamping force. This machine park is constantly renewed and thereby also modernised. 95% of our casting machines are so-called die cast cells, in which casting is fully automated, allowing the machine operator to perform other activities in parallel, thus spend more time controlling items. This ensures the more stringent quality control of products.
Our die cast cells are equipped with casting parameter monitoring and recording functions, which further improve operational safety and product quality.

Our products range from castings 30 to 4000 g in weight. Our product range is composed mainly of suspension parts, engine and gearbox supports, electronic covers and lids, A/C compressor components, headlight housings and thermostat housings for the automotive industry.



In our smelter we work with mainly five different raw materials:

  • EN AB-46000 (AlSi9Cu3(Fe))
  • EN AB-44300 (AlSi12(Fe))
  • EN AB-47100 (AlSi12Cu1(Fe))
  • EN AB-51500 (AlMg5Si2Mn)
  • Silafont-36 (AlSi9MgMn)

We are constantly expanding and modernising our smelting capacity in line with the orders of our clients.

Currently up to 4,000 tons of aluminium are melted per month.