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Fémalk ZRT. - nyomásos alumínium öntöde

Machining and assembly

Machining and assembly

Fémalk delivers more and more finished parts to the full satisfaction of clients. Given that ever more sophisticated cast parts must be manufactured according to the stringent requirements of mass production we strive to apply the optimal manufacturing resources and technologies. In line with the Company's quality policy we emphasize state-of-the-art manufacturing next to customised quality control. Here is an overview of the activities of Fémalk's machining department

  • Punching
  • Deburring (abrading and blasting)
  • CNC machining
  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Thread cutting
  • Inserting Helicoil threaded inserts

Fémalk works with the following traditional and automated machining facilities (for large lots they design special-purpose machines for a particular part or product group if necessary)
  • Heckler&KochBA20 CNC machining centre
  • MoriSeiki SL1000 CNC lathe
  • Doosan Lynks 200M CNC lathe
  • MoriSeiki NH4000 CNC machining centre
  • MoriSeiki SH400 CNC machining centre
  • Alzmetall CNC drilling and thread cutting machine
  • Steinel BS500 multiple-spindle drill
  • Hugo Jaugh multiple-spindle drill
  • Product specific special-purpose machines

Prototype manufacture

Fémalk partners clients in product development. We have actively participated in the development of several car and motor components, the machining plant cooperating with their own development department and with clients. We do not stop until a component attains its final shape, safeguarding functionality during the entire life span of a given vehicle or machine.

Surface treatment

Blasting and abrading
The external aspect of products should also be faultless and attractive. Therefore Fémalk applies the best available surface treatment procedures. To that end the following appliances are at their disposition:
  • Abrasive vibrators (Walther Trowal ZM05-FL AV515X55,
    Walther Trowal ZM03-FL AV345X41)
  • Shot blasting machines (Tauss L65; Rösler ST1000; Schlick HB 12/16;
    Zitai CH 101 ZA; Walther Trowal THM 400/2/E; OMSG DINAMO 913)


FÉMALK ZRT. telefax: +36 1 4204 609
cím: H-1211 Budapest, Öntöde u. 2-12. e-mail:
telefon: +36 1 8150 900
+36 1 4204 608