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Fémalk ZRT. - nyomásos alumínium öntöde

Aluminium die casting

Aluminium die casting



Our melting plant predominately works with six alloy variants

  • EN AB-46000 (AlSi9Cu3(Fe))
  • EN AB-44300 (AlSi12(Fe))
  • EN AB-44300M (AlSi12(Fe))
  • EN AB-47100 (AlSi12Cu1(Fe))
  • EN AB-51500 (AlMg5Si2Mn)
  • Silafont-36 (AlSi9MgMn)

We continuously enlarge and modernise melting capacities, taking account of client requirements.
In 2013 we reached a 900-ton monthly average net quantity.



FÉMALK Zrt. currently owns 27 die cast machines. We continually expand and replace machinery, part of which are automated casting cells the operators of which are able to carry out other tasks whilst supervising the machines, such as a more in-depth quality control of cast parts.
Machines are also equipped with parameter supervision and recording systems facilitating a further increase in production safety and product quality.

We manufacture cast parts ranging in weight from 30 to 3000 grammes. The product range is dominated by light fixtures, chassis parts, motor and gearbox mountings, electronics and thermostat housings, and air conditioning compressor parts for the vehicle industry.

Production supervision


Well-equipped measuring and control laboratories ensure the consistent product quality during and after manufacture. We are able to carry out a wide variety of tests, measurements, photographs and evaluations as required by clients and for our own research purposes.

Continuous education and adoption of technical innovations are equally indispensable quality factors. Thus most of our staff participate annually in advanced training activities in order to deepen their specialist skills.

  • Spectrometer
  • X-ray apparatus
  • Tensile testing machine
  • Mitutoyo 3D coordinate measuring device
  • Surface roughness meter
  • Leak test device (pressure tester)
  • Microscope
  • Measuring projector
  • Profile projector


FÉMALK ZRT. telefax: +36 1 4204 609
cím: H-1211 Budapest, Öntöde u. 2-12. e-mail:
telefon: +36 1 8150 900
+36 1 4204 608